By Adam • Uncategorized • 1 Aug 2013
Pee Wee Hockey Team Coach Awards

Pee Wee Hockey Team Coach Award


These signs get a lot of attention! They’re made of an engraved piece of acrylic. The acrylic is setup to catch the Light from the LEDs on its edge. when the light illuminates the engraved areas of the piece it gives it an amazing glowing effect.

I custom make each base to order. LEDs can be one solid color, or Red, Green, and Blue in configuration with a multi function controller. This gives you the option to switch the colors of your sign at will, and also make it fade, flash, strobe, blink, and more. All complete bases come with a standard US power adapter.

Great for your business, bar, man cave, kids room, anywhere you want something awesome!

  • FreedomIsntFreeblue
  • flamescropped
  • flamesgroupcropped
  • harleysigncropped
  • marcocropped
  • monster4croppedblue
  • monstercroppedgrn
  • youngmoneycropped
  • base
  • controller

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