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By Adam • • 31 Jul 2013

Hi, My name is Adam.  I have a medium format 60w c02 laser engraver that can engrave many surfaces and substrates.  I do my best to get the cleanest sharpest lines and photo quality images on whatever material I’m working with. Please look through the pages of things I have done in the past, and contact me if you want any creative work done.

Please check out the store section for some custom one of a kind pieces of art I have for sale. As well as some not so custom, less artful pieces of ilk.

If you are looking for custom LED Edge Lit Signs. I also make LED edge lit tabletop bases and hanging style in solid color and Multi-Colored controllable LEDs.  Contact Me and let me know what you have in mind.


  • tilehearthcropped
  • snakearm1
  • shockercropped
  • pray handscropped
  • monster4croppedblue
  • misery
  • marcocropped
  • lighthousecropped
  • IMG_20140710_164012
  • deicidecropped
  • chuck norris
  • bjjarmbar
  • base

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